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Diane Murdoch, Special Education Teacher

We are pleased with the results of the program at our Elementary School.
Because we have candidates and trained volunteers ready for the program next September, we are hoping to be able to continue.

Features of the Vantage Reading Program

Fun for Students

  • The Vantage Reading Program is fun for the student/child/adult
  • So there is no concern with avoiding the program.
  • Result: Another successful reader is born.

About the Founder

Mrs. Alice Ross is the founder of these Vantage Vision and Vantage Reading programs. Her goal is simple To help those who can’t read. The Vantage Reading history is an impressive story. Mrs. Ross's  extensive background of over 40 years working with students with learning difficulties has brought us to the current Kit.


Mrs. Ross has recently retired and we wish her well.

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