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Len Demarchi, Optometrist

Alice’s program is a fundamental program which is very effective in helping children overcome learning difficulties. There have been literally hundreds of children who have been helped with the program. All of these children were performing significantly below their grade level and now they are performing at grade level or in many cases beyond grade level.
It is quite remarkable that one lady has had the vision, energy, and dedication to provide such a quality program. It changes the quality of lives of those precious children who unfortunately have a learning problem.

Features of the Vantage Reading Program

Detailed Instructions

  • The Vantage Reading Program has detailed step by step instructions
  • So there is absolutely no guessing as to what to do.
  • Result: No frustration helping your child, as the instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

About the Founder

Mrs. Alice Ross is the founder of these Vantage Vision and Vantage Reading programs. Her goal is simple To help those who can’t read. The Vantage Reading history is an impressive story. Mrs. Ross has an extensive background of over 40 years working with students with learning difficulties.

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