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Doug Collins, Parent and Broadcast Journalist

I have been closely following Alice Ross since my first association with her…and have nothing but good to say about the works she has done. I was involved to some extent with a documentary done on her program through the television station I work for, and have found the program to be a tremendous help.
I have no doubts at all in recommending the value of the program, its ability to help a wide-ranging group of people with difficulties, and the integrity of those behind it. I have the living proof of its success in my own home – twofold.

Features of the Vantage Reading Program

Fun for Students

  • The Vantage Reading Program is fun for the student/child/adult
  • So there is no concern with avoiding the program.
  • Result: Another successful reader is born.

About the Founder

Mrs. Alice Ross is the founder of these Vantage Vision and Vantage Reading programs. Her goal is simple To help those who can’t read. The Vantage Reading history is an impressive story. Mrs. Ross's  extensive background of over 40 years working with students with learning difficulties has brought us to the current Kit.


Mrs. Ross has recently retired and we wish her well.

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