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Muscle Tone – Why is that Important?

Struggling with School?

Does your child or husband or loved one strive to focus their eyes, so they read slowly.

Do they have to think,”How do I move?”, and so have difficulty joining in active competitive sports.

Can you almost see them asking themselves every time, “How do I write that letter?”, and so have difficulty writing […]

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Motion Sickness

We have a little program that has had success with solving motion sickness – from car travel, boat travel, air travel. Give it a try and let us know how it worked.

Your body is a magical system. Just imagine all the hundreds of parts all working together 24 hours a day seven days a […]

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Welcome to this very special web site. We bring you serious solutions and handy tips to help ensure school success for your loved ones.  The information is for all ages and all abilities. Enjoy.


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Summer Time Fun

Summertime and the living is easy. But…

Just a reminder to see your optometrist before heading back to school. If you can, make that a developmental optometrist.

No, I am not an optometrist. I have simply seen too many children who struggle with school because they did not have  that eye exam!

So do it…


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He Can’t Even Remember Those Easy Words!

Does your child forget a word as soon as they read it? For example, does he have to sound out the word “and” as a  –  n  –  d and then five words later have to sound the word “and” again  as  a  –  n  –  d instead of recognizing it instantly?

Most inefficient readers […]

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Helping Him Become a Fluent Reader

HOW can I say that?
Although readers who read word by word eventually cloze on the word more quickly, they remain single word readers. Even by grade three, they are unable to keep up with the workload demand.
In contrast, a student who sight-reads, scans the words quickly with his/her […]

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Is Your Child a Head Reader?

A Head Reader? What is a Head Reader?

Sometimes analysis of how a child reads is very difficult. You think they are using their eyes efficiently and smoothly when in fact the eyes are not moving at all.

What do I mean by that? To read, one has a still head and one’s eyes move across […]

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More than half of all  children who struggle with reading have underlying vision problems contributing to their challenges.

Schools see many children entering Kindergarten or Grade one who have never seen an optometrist.  The school nurse may have asked them to look at an eye chart and your child did fine on that chart.  So […]

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