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We are educators dedicated to finding proven and reasonably priced products and ideas that will make a difference for you or someone you know.

Making a difference is easy to say, and sometimes hard to do. We endeavor to help a child every day in a way that is life changing. That does not mean we will make a difference on this particular day. It means our suggested products and ideas will make a difference is a person’s life over the long term.

We are elementary school educators with experience in primary grades, intermediate grades, administration, learning disabilities, behaviour challenges, dealing with conflict, and in finding solutions.

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VANTAGE READING PROGRAMS are a culmination of decades of work by Mrs. Alice Ross and Mr. Paul Kipp. Both are professional educators dedicated to helping those children and adults who struggle with school, particularly in reading and writing.

About us!

Mrs. Ross is the main force behind the success of these programs. Her almost 60 year professional life has been devoted to the diagnosis and remediation of vision and reading difficulties. Between the years of 1958 and 1964 Mrs. Ross entered the Early Childhood Education Field. It was during this period the symptoms of vision skills deficits were identified and first attempts at remediation were made. Between the years 1964 and 1970 Mrs. Ross continued to work in the Early Childhood Education field and found marked success in remediating children.

Between 1970 and 1977 Mrs. Ross became Director and lecturer of Early Childhood Education at Cariboo College ( now the Thompson Rivers University). She also served on the provincial Ad Hoc Committee.

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